What is IQubits?

IQubits is a collaborative Research and Innovation Action (RIA) addressing the development and experimental demonstration of integrated quantum bits (qubits) and control and readout circuits in commercial silicon semiconductor technology, as the enabling fundamental building blocks for the implementation of the future emerging Quantum Computing (QC) hardware technologies.

Funded by Horizon 2020

The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation framework programme of the European Union (EU), under the competitive programme Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Open - Challenging Current Thinking, which supports excellent and ambitious interdisciplinary scientific research with radically new vision and breakthrough technological targets.

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Towards future emerging quantum technologies

In detail, IQubits focuses on developing silicon- and nitride-based electron/hole-spin qubits consisting of nanoscale multi-gate MOSFETs and control-readout circuits integrated on the same chip in ultimately-scaled state-of-the-art FDSOI CMOS technology, as the enabling fundamental building blocks towards future room-temperature silicon quantum computing technologies.

Contact information


Prof. Domenico Zitoinfo@iqubits.eu+4593508581